Stainless Steel
& White

Dental Crowns

Protect your child’s teeth alignment and restore their smile

If your child is missing teeth we can help!

Stainless steel crowns remain to be the gold standard for baby teeth that require extensive restoration. Crowns can protect the remaining at-risk tooth surfaces for a healthier smile. Stainless steel crowns are most often used: For teeth with large areas of decay, multiple lesions or extensive lesions. Stainless steel crowns are ideal for teeth with multiple surfaces decay, where other materials are likely to fail.

Zirconia or White Pediatric Crowns is a special type of material offering patients an unmatched combination of esthetics, durability and safety. When you choose a zirconia crown for your child, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural healthy tooth and the crown.

Zirconia crowns are simply the most natural looking crowns. Also, they have exceptional strength, so they can last until permanent teeth come in.

This type of crown has a few downsides. Unlike for the Stainless Steel Crown, not every child is a good candidate for the Zirconia crown. Tooth selection and proper diagnosis by your dentist is very important when it comes to placing this material in your child’s mouth. Zirconia crowns are also more difficult to place, require more time for the procedure, and can become a significantly more costly solution for the baby tooth.

Composite strip crowns/ aesthetic crowns are more like a giant filling than an actual crown. This type of crowns are the restoration of choice for upper or lower front teeth that have multiple surfaces or large cavities. It is a clear plastic tooth form that is filled with a composite filling resin (tooth colored filling material) to provide full tooth protection and coverage to a damaged baby tooth. Once the resin is hardened with the dental light, the plastic tooth form is removed, leaving a tooth colored composite in place.

They look good and natural. They protect your child’s dentition, restore aesthetics and in some isolated situations aid the speech development. However, more often these restorations will need ongoing repairs, requiring additional treatment procedures for your child. If your child is very active, constantly bumps the front teeth, this restoration may not be ideal.


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