Kids Dentistry Services

in Shoreline

Preventative Dental Care for kids

Preventative Dental Care for Kids

Our emphasis is on total preventative dental care for our patients. Total care begins with regular hygiene, regular checkups, and continued home oral health routines. We would love to see your child by their first birthday.

Tongue Tied or Lip Tied

Tongue Tied or Lip Tied?

Your child cannot nurse well? Restricted tongue motion or your child has hard times pronouncing certain letters? We got it covered.

Conservative Dentistry for Kids in Shoreline

Conservative Dentistry for Kids

Are you stressed out about a small cavity in your child? He or she may be a good candidate for an alternative treatment that uses Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Restorative Dentistry for Kids in Shoreline

Restorative Pediatric Dental Services and Diagnostic Procedures

Our practice provides a wide range of restorative procedures for children, such as tooth colored restorations, baby root canals, and baby crowns. We use digital x-rays on patients during our diagnostic procedures to minimize their radiation exposure. times pronouncing certain letters? We got it covered.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

When the treatment cannot be safely performed while your child is awake and Nitrous Oxide sedation is not effective, we ask our highly qualified Anesthesiology team to help.

Cavities and Fillings for Kids

Cavities and Fillings for Kids

Dental fillings are used to treat different dental problems like cavities and broken teeth. Teeth are usually filled with a material called composite resin, which is designed to look like natural teeth.

Emergency Dental Care for Kids

Emergency Dental Care for Kids

We’re here to help and be a valuable resource in the event of your child having a dental emergency.

Dental Crowns for Kids

Dental Crowns for Kids

Damaged kid’s teeth? We have Stainless Steel, White Dental Crowns, and Resin Crowns available to fix many problems.

Pulp Therapy Baby Root Canal

Pulp Therapy (Baby Root Canal)

Saving baby teeth is important because pulling a tooth may ultimately be more costly and cause significant problems with space maintenance for permanent teeth.

Maintain Space for Permanent Teeth

Maintain Space for Permanent Teeth

Dental space maintainers are devices used to leave enough space open for permanent teeth to grow in after baby teeth are lost prematurely.

Floss & Gloss Kid’s Dentistry

We look forward to seeing you!